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Academic Life

Headshot of Gail Gibson Sheffield standing under Landmark College colonnade

Landmark College’s degrees set high standards for academic performance. Degrees at the associate and bachelor level allow students to choose from a range of programs of study, including natural and computer science, business, art, and liberal studies. Distinctive among all programs is an emphasis on the development of metacognition, self-advocacy skills, and individual strategies for learning.

At Landmark College, we understand that each learner comes with a unique set of experiences and educational background, but with a clear objective of reaching success on their own terms. We debunk myths and challenge labels, providing an environment that is unique in higher education: Every professional on campus knows that student learning is the center of all that we do at Landmark College, and every student recognizes that their peers have all shared some elements of having a learning difference. Talking about learning, focusing on ability and talent, not just disability, is a campus-wide enterprise.

Our curriculum allows students to develop and practice academic skills and strategies in a way that builds from semester to semester. We believe in presenting high expectations while helping students achieve independence in self-management and seeking out support when appropriate.

I invite you to explore these pages to discover what makes a Landmark College education transformative.

Gail Gibson Sheffield, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs

We Do Things Differently Here

Everyone learns differently. But, for many bright and talented students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or autism, the mainstream educational system presents obstacles that are difficult to negotiate.

While many colleges and universities now offer academic support programs for students who learn differently, none compare to Landmark College’s comprehensive mission and integrated curriculum. Our programs are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and our curriculum is as rigorous as other institutions of higher learning. But Landmark College is different: We have over 3 decades of experience designing programs and pedagogy for our students. More importantly, we believe you can succeed.

At Landmark College, we:

  • Demystify the learning process and make instruction both explicit and recursive
  • Help students develop self-understanding and self-efficacy by encouraging the development of individualized strategies that support student learning
  • Provide students with the support they need in and out of the classroom. At Landmark, there’s no need to “fight the system” or ask for special accommodations. We show students how to become effective self-advocates and use supporting resources effectively.
  • Constantly develop innovative and student-centered best practices in learning disability, ADHD, and ASD education—and share them with other educators—through the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT)

The Instructional Experience

At Landmark College, we individualize instruction within a range of disciplinary courses and programs. The overall student to faculty/support ratio is 6 – 1 and small classes (generally, 6 – 15 students) provide opportunities for individual attention while still engaging students in a collaborative learning experience. Every Landmark College class focuses on optimizing student learning, with explicit mechanisms for academic support through office hours, experienced academic advisors, and dedicated support centers with professional staff.

Our Faculty

Landmark College’s faculty are not only subject matter experts in their discipline—recognized nationally in their fields through their research, publications, and presentations—but they are also deeply invested in understanding diagnostic profiles, best practices in pedagogical design, and interpersonal communication. They possess a strong dedication to helping students who learn differently to succeed.


Dr. Gail Gibson Sheffield, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jill Hinckley, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean, School of Education
Dean John Vitale, Ph.D., M.H.S., School of Professional Studies and Science
Interim Dean Solvegi Shmulsky, School of Liberal Studies and the Arts

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